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Welcome to SpeedyWorm.com  

Speedy Worm specializes in fresh & lively LIVE BAIT;
we sell Wax Worms, Canadian Nightcrawlers, European Nightcrawlers, Composting Worms (red worms), Leeches, Spikes (maggots), Mealworms and Crickets. We also sell 12 oz. styrofoam bait cups that stack nicely in your cooler and keep your worms alive longer!

bird feeder

Our worms are primarily used as live fishing bait but can also be used as food for your pets & birds; just toss a handful in your bird feeder and watch the birds fly in.

Our wholesale Red worms and wholesale European Nightcrawlers can also be used as composting worms, which has become very popular. People who compost benefit from feeding the worms table scraps and then using their castings as fertilizer for their garden and house plants.

#1 Our live wholesale worms and leeches are fresh and lively
#2 We have great low prices on our live worms and leeches
#3 We have exceptional customer service
#4 Buy our live wholesale worms on-line with PayPal
#5 We ship anywhere in the continental USA

Memories that last a lifetime...
beginning with quality bait!

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