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Wholesale Canadian nightcrawlers

Speedy Worm wholesale nightcrawlers are FAT and juicy!

Nothing beats our wholesale Canadian Nightcrawlers as live bait. These worms are big, healthy and ready for you to use as live bait or as food for reptiles, aquariums or pond fish. 

Turtles love Canadian Nightcrawlers!

The Canadian Nightcrawlers are approximately 7-8" or more in length. Keep the nightcrawlers refrigerated for prolonged life.  

Our quality wholesale Canadian Nightcrawlers can be purchased in bulk flats! They are approximately 480 to 500 per flat. When you receive your Canadian nightcrawlers in bulk, you will want to repackage them into your own containers and add some fresh bedding.

styrofoam bait cups

Our 12 oz square styrofoam bait cups are the perfect size for 12 count Canadian Night Crawlers or up to 30 count European Night Crawlers.

They stack nicely in your cooler and keep your worms alive longer!

 These are the best bait cups.

The Canadian Nightcrawlers are packed in a Styrofoam cooler with ice packs. They are shipped anywhere in the continental USA, Monday - Wednesday with the US Postal Service. 


You can sure order more than 1000 counts; we have no limit on sale purchases.  Please contact us for orders larger than 1000 count.


These bait cups are shipped Monday – Friday by the US Postal Service.


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