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Buy Live wholesale leeches for sale at SpeedyWorm.com
Leeches are not bloodsuckers

All leeches have sucking disks at both ends. When you watch a leech swim, the small end or head, is forward. Leeches use the larger disk on the tail only for clinging to objects.  Ribbon leeches feed primarily at night on mosquito larva, decaying organic matter and dead animals; they are rarely seen during the daytime. Since leeches can be easily transported and require little care, they have become a popular walleye and bass bait.

Fishermen use two methods when fishing with leeches. One way is to hook the ribbon leech in the larger of the two suckers, which is actually the tail; this way will usually encourage the leech to stretch out as it attempts to swim away. This method works best when fishing with a bobber. If you are trolling, hook the leech through the head so the leech is swimming forward. If you hook the wrong end, leeches often ball up and you can't do much with them. Sometimes, they roll up even when hooked correctly.


Our fresh live bait leeches come from the clean waters in West Central Minnesota - the most abundant leech harvesting in the world.

We have two lively sizes to pick from - Large, and Jumbo. Our wholesale live ribbon leeches are packaged and shipped in pre-moistened bedding and can live 2 to 3 weeks in your refrigerator door.

Speedy Worm Leeches per pound.
Large: 13-16 dozen per pound
Jumbos: 9-11 dozen per pound

Our wholesale leeches are easy to keep alive. They are not sensitive to temperature changes, and they require relatively little oxygen. Leeches can be kept alive for weeks, even without food if you take care of them.  Do not use water with salt or chorine it in, non-chlorinated tap water in most areas is suitable for leeches or lake water would be the best.  Do not use distilled water alone because its extreme purity can be harmful to the leeches' metabolic balance. Keep the water clean. Change the water when it shows signs of becoming dirty or polluted.

Leeches are seasonal product and are not always available. When available, leeches are shipped anywhere in the continental USA, Monday - Wednesday with US Postal Service. Export #12



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