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Our regular/standard size mealworms are easy to store.

Keeping the mealworms refrigerated at 40 to 50 degrees puts them in a dormant state where they can last for months.

Every 5 to 7 days remove the mealworms from the refrigerator and allow them to warm up and start moving around. 

Feed the mealworms a few small apple, potato or Banana cubes and leave them out for another hour or two.  Refrigerate them again. 

The next time you feed the mealworms remove the old apple, potato or banana cubes and replace them with new ones.  It is very important that you remove any moldy apples, potatoes or bananas or they will kill the Mealworms.

Mealworms are the larval form of the adult darkling beetle; they are not really worms at all. 


Mealworms feed on stored grain or flour that is why they are usually raised in a mixture of wheat bran bedding and fresh vegetables. This diet makes them extremely appetizing and nutritious for wild bird food, reptile food, small mammal food as well as exceptional live bait for pan fish.  Mealworms have become a very popular and inexpensive live bird food. The Mealworms attract many different birds to your backyard, Bluebirds, Robins, Chickadees, Wrens, Titmice, Warblers, and Nuthatches are a few birds that love them. They can be fed in any Bluebird feeder, in any dish or even on the ground.

hopper style feeder

Hopper style bird feeders are the best style because the Mealworms can be placed inside the feeder with the Bluebirds entering from a hole at either end. Naturally curious, Bluebirds will investigate this type of feeder and quickly recognize it as a food source. The 1 ½" hole at each end will successfully keep larger birds out. The movement of the Mealworms attracts the attention of wild birds or pets.

Our wholesale Live Mealworms are shipped anywhere in the continental USA, Monday – Wednesday with US Postal Service.


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