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Buy wholesale composting worms (red worms) from SpeedyWorm.com

Composting worms, Red worms, Red Wigglers, Sunfish Worms, Fishing Worms, Tiger Worms, Hybrid Reds, Manure Worms or whatever you want to call them - Our wholesale red worms are the most popular type of composting worms.  They are also great as lake bait for catching a wide variety of pan fish!  


Our wholesale composting worms (red worms) are very versatile and hearty and are excellent worms to use as fishing bait and also make great composting worms. They are easy to raise and need very little care.  Our Wholesale Composting Worms (red wigglers) need a worm bed, water, and food. The food can be your table scraps, decaying fruits and vegetable, horse, cow, pig, rabbit manure, newspapers and damp cardboard.  The composting worms (red worms) can eat 1⁄2 to 2/3 of their weight in food per day.  Digestion of the food will produce castings. Red worm castings are a natural fertilizer for your plants, they don’t burn roots. 

Gardeners LOVE the fertilizer benefits they get from the red worm castings, their plants grow bigger, faster, and improves crop yield.  Red wiggler castings enriches the soil with micro-organisms, improves water retention and the physical structure of the soil.

Our wholesale composting worms (red worms or red wigglers) are shipped anywhere in the continental USA, Monday – Wednesday with US Postal Service.


You can order wholesale composting worms in bulk (more than 10 pounds); we have no limit on sale purchases. Please contact us for orders larger than 10 pounds.

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